My name is Bruno Riccardo, your real estate consultant in Andalusia. After many years of experience in the sector, professionalism, as well as my vocation and the specialization of the commercial network, have become the basic pillars of Andalusia Dream Homes, thanks to this, countless people have trusted our services.

In addition to buying, selling or renting, my services include advice and management of high investments, market research, the adaptation of the offer to the client's needs, as well as legal, tax and technical advice.

Start working with your real estate investment advisor.

When it comes to investing, the uncertainty can be enormous. Too many variables in the operations that can make you end up backing out. The solution is clear, a market professional with a wide network of contacts and full knowledge of Andalusia to make the right real estate investment.

What do we offer you as a SELLER of a property?

  • We carry out an assessment of the property, through a personalized market study, in order to be able to define in a real way, what is the price at which said product should go on sale, with the aim of being able to meet the needs of the client (sell in the marked price, achieve the stipulated sales period, delegate all the management in the hands of professionals).

  • We commission a photographic report, carried out by a highly qualified professional, and that shows potential clients, in a clear visual way, what we are selling.

  • The first impression of a buyer is essential. For this reason, properties have to stand out and highlight their strengths. We take care of that by applying Home Staging. A technique whose objective is to perfectly present a home so that it shines among its competitors. The objective is to get the most out of a property that is going to be shown to a potential buyer.

  • We publish the property file, in all online digital media. In our own web portal ( like all the most important portals in the real estate sector. that we understand that they have more diffusion, as well as an active involvement in the different social networks. Likewise, depending on the type of property, we will carry out advertising campaigns in different local media, press and radio.

  • We sell the property. This is our goal. In this process we take care of everything (formalization of a possible deposit contract supervised by a collaborating Law Firm, clarification of expenses, taxes or tributes that the purchase-sale entails supervised by our advisor-economist, notarial and/or registry procedures necessary... .)

What do we offer you as a BUYER of a property?.

  • Buy at a fair price. We do not believe in real estate speculation. We guarantee our clients in a reliable way, that they have bought at a market price.

  • Buy with peace of mind. For all the properties managed by us, we confirm that they can be acquired without "getting a headache" afterwards (problems with leases, charges...).

  • If the buyer deems it appropriate, we advise and process your mortgage with the main banking entities to get you the best mortgage conditions and we will recommend the option that best suits your needs.

  • If the property requires reforms or maintenance, we have a wide network of highly qualified professionals outside of us, so that, if you wish, you can contact and hire them.
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